Freedom to move, confidence
in your body, physical
integrity, and mind-body

The importance of our work is expressed in our teachers’ personal passion for Pilates. We love what we do and we know it can change lives.


Bring out the
“sparrow” in you.

Blue Sparrow Pilates’ name came out of the idea that the sparrow is a symbol of freedom, happiness, integrity, and revitalization, all characteristics that we aspire to bring out of our clients. The sparrow or the “blue birds of happiness”, is also known for traveling great distances, always returning home. At Blue Sparrow Pilates we bring clients back “home” to a more balanced relationship with their bodies.

Born in North Beach — the neighborhood known for being the “heart” of San Francisco — Blue Sparrow Pilates began in January 2007 in a storefront that housed a postcard shop for over 30 years (we still get postcards almost daily from the former business). Originally from Michigan, founder Holly Furgason was charmed by North Beach’s rich history: Formerly known as the Barbary Coast, famous for dance halls and jazz clubs during the California Gold Rush of 1849, and later for being the west coast epicenter for the beatnik culture of the 1940’s. You can still see and feel this history today.  

Holly started teaching Pilates in 1999, and has tens of thousands of hours of experience and has worked with everyone from Olympic athletes to cancer survivors (Holly is a cancer survivor herself). She is a true expert. 

Passionate about teaching the next generation of Pilates instructors, Blue Sparrow Pilates is the Merithew Licensed Training Center for San Francisco, offering the “Ivy League” of Pilates curriculum through STOTT PILATES®. In addition to teaching Pilates education in San Francisco, Holly has taught teachers across the United States, as well as in South Korea and China.  

Blue Sparrow Pilates is not exclusive. We celebrate differences and make sure all feel supported regardless of physical ability or previous experience.

Welcome to Blue Sparrow Pilates. We hope you will discover how good your body can feel.

Meet Our Team
“Holly’s enthusiasm and wisdom are overwhelmingly awesome.”