100 Years Strong


I often stop and wonder how extraordinary it must be to excel in a sport, to be the kind of athlete that goes to the olympics, or wins an ironman. This summer marks the 100th year for the incredible cycling event Le Tour De France and the athletes participating inspire me!The tour is 3 weeks long and covers 3,304 kilometers of terrain. There are 21 teams each consisting of 9 members competing in this years event. The tour is divided up into what is called stages. There are 21 stages, each offering a different set of challenges, be it flat terrain or a mountainous climb. Le Tour de France is 7 flat stages, 5 hilly stages, 6 mountain stages with 4 high-altitude finishes, 2 individual time-trial stages and 1 team per stage.Le Tour De France offers a unique experience to riders competing individually but also as a team. There are several different areas to win, best individual time, best points classification, best climber and best youngest rider and best team overall time.These riders push themselves beyond my imagination. I am inspired and moved by their performances! Most of us will not achieve participating in a great race like the Le Tour de France but all of us can push ourselves to be the best version of what we are capable. Grab your bike, throw on your running shoes or get into a Pilates class. Do your body good!

We thought in honor of the tour we would try to inspire you to get out and ride.

We headed across the Golden Gate Bridge and up Hawk Hill into the gorgeous Marin Headlands.

This is a ride anyone can do! Ride on, right on!


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