A Different Way to Change Your Body


I just took an amazing workshop with STOTT PILATES® Master Instructor Trainer, Kim Kraushar at the Mindful Movement Conference in Los Angeles. The content of the workshop was fabulous-- she taught creative, new exercises with wonderful cues. But I really loved Kim’s big picture commentary. One of my favorite things she said was that, “There is this idea going around that in order to change your body you must punish yourself. I just want to let people know there’s another way.”This is so true. Every day I help students make huge changes to their bodies and their lives with Pilates, Gyrotonic, and Core work. This is the kind of work that creates a dialogue with the body, honors your body. It’s like asking your body, “What do we need today.”I can’t tell you how many people sign-up for these bootcamp-like workouts and within a few weeks drop out because they’re injured. Then they feel depressed and really discouraged because they tried to make a change and the injury feels like failure, not to mention they never reach their fitness goal. As Pilates, Gyrotonic, Core, and Barre teachers, we can offer a different way to change the body. A way to change student's bodies that can become a lifestyle, that is challenging and does more good than harm. Our focus can be on creating a workout that is fun and gets students to their goals, one that can be done every day of their lives. We tailor the workout to their body that day: when injured, after having a baby, before a marathon, even when they are very old. Achieving a fitness goal can absolutely be done punishment-free.


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