Back to the Basics


With the holidays fast approaching I have been racking my brain to think of a simple plan to offer as a way to prevent holiday weight gain. Then I thought, lets get back to the basics, like grade school basic. Growing up I remember once a year having to take the Presidential fitness challenge in gym class. Climb a rope, do some pull-ups, run around a track, and perform a forward stretch. Not the most practical fitness training. Today's Presidential Active Lifestyle program is much more applicable for a lifetime of health. This program could be something you continue for the rest of your life no matter if you start as a child or as a senior citizen! It's super simple. Add physical activity to your life and improve your eating habits. That's it! Get active and eat better, and you'll feel better, too. Your goal is to be active 30 minutes a day, at least 5 days a week, for 6 out of 8 weeks. Eight weeks from today will get you through the holidays and into the new year. Hopefully by the end of the 8 weeks you'll have fallen in love with taking care of yourself! The holidays are about friends and family coming together, so get them moving too! Read more about the Presidential Active Lifestyle Program & Track your program: Striving everyday!


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