Check Out the Nike Studio Wrap Shoes


"I'm completely obsessed with wearing my new Nike Studio Wrap Shoes," said GYROTONIC® Trainer Eryn Lauckern with a huge smile. "They're easy to carry to and from class. They're super comfy. And the grip is amazing--no more sliding or stickies for me."

Plus, Eryn loved that they made her feel like a "fancy dancer." And who wouldn't want to I feel more graceful in their workouts. But if you aren't into the dancer look, the arch wrap is optional. It can be worn inside or outside depending on the look and the arch support you desire.

The outdoor shoe is like a ballet flat. Slip it off and jump right into class. Only one complaint: the outer shoe is bit on the snug side. So you may consider ordering a half size larger than your regular shoe size.If you love STOTT PILATES®, GYROTONIC®, yoga, or dance then you will love these new shoes!

New Nike Studio Wrap Shoes Blue Sparrow Pilates

New Nike Studio Wrap Shoes Blue Sparrow Pilates


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