Could You Be a Pilates Instructor?

Become a Pilates Instructor

One of my favorite things about being a Pilates Instructor Trainer is that I see people build careers out of their passion for movement. Sometimes it starts when a client says, ‘I really like doing Pilates, but could I learn to teach it even though I’m not a dancer or athlete?” Truth is, anyone can be a good instructor!A Pilates instructor must be a good communicator, possess a keen eye, be empathic, be motivating, and must be able to meet their students where they are with their personal fitness. These skills are necessary for many fields so a good Pilates instructor can come from any background. For example, moms make great Pilates instructors because have the skills listed above, as well as have practiced seeing things from other’s perspective and understand complex scheduling. I’ve seen many stay at home moms become successful Pilates instructors, who make earn supplemental income with as many or as few hours per week as they choose to commit. Another example is individuals with a marketing or computer background. It can be a big advantage to have computer skills in the running of a successful Pilates business for marketing, branding, establishing a digital presence, social media, online scheduling, and all the methods of customer contact.Since dancers and athletes have likely put in 10,000+ hours learning to move their bodies very specifically, they may find becoming a Pilates instructor easier than others those with less movement background. But differing backgrounds adds diversity to any studio and is often a big plus. Anyone with an interest in movement, and a commitment to learning, could make a good instructor.Josh Kaufman gave a TED Talk that suggests that the first 20 hours of learning a new skill show the most drastic improvement. I chose to become a STOTT PILATES® Instructor and recommend to people considering becoming a Pilates instructor because that crucial time is designed into the training courses. STOTT PILATES® follows a model similar to ‘see one, do one, teach one.’ All of our courses have four components: class instruction, observation, physical review, and practice teaching. For example, many people start their STOTT PILATES® training with Intensive Mat-Plus. In this course, students spend 40 hours with an Instructor Trainer going over the material. Outside of the class room, students are required to study how the exercises are performed by spending 10 hours observing someone else, 30 hours practicing themselves, and 15 hours teaching someone to do the exercises. I believe that this is part of what makes STOTT PILATES® known as the Ivy League of Pilates Instructor Training.No matter your background, there is no limit to your success when you begin your teacher training with tons of enthusiasm and an exceptional training program.To learn more about becoming a Pilates Instructor, visit Blue Sparrow Pilates’ Teacher Training Overview, or contact us. We offer the full spectrum of STOTT PILATES® certification courses year-round, as well as workshops and Instructor Foundation Courses for CORE Athletic Conditioning + Performance Training™.


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