Creating a Better Athlete


Pilates is wonderful for everyone. The benefits are numerous but why would someone want to add Pilates if they are training for a marathon or triathlon?

If someone is already highly athletic, Pilates will make them stronger, more stable, provide body awareness and protect the joints while creating a solid core. Increasing your core strength and stability is a key ingredient to being a better athlete.

The body movements associated with swimming, running and cycling all use different muscles and challenge the body in a different way but they are also very similar, relying on the larger powerhouse muscles like hamstrings and quads. These muscle groups can become tight and strong leading to an overuse injury and muscle imbalances.Pilates is the magic element to add to your clients' training programs! Pilates will utilize their smaller muscles allowing for the over-worked and tired muscles to take a break, this will encourage muscle balance in the body. The exercises will also help increase flexibility and range of motion, both very important factors in creating a strong, athletic body. Another benefit of utilizing Pilates as cross-training is that it will help your clients understand proper form as well as teaching them what muscles to fire when. Our bodies are smart machines and stronger, larger muscles will often fire when presented with a challenge, however there are many smaller under utilized muscles that can do the same job. Pilates encourages those muscles to work and creates an understanding and balance in the body.


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