Discovering the Spiral with GYROTONIC®


Discovering for the spiral; that's how I imagine GYROTONIC®. I clearly remember my first session and how different my body felt afterwards. My legs seemed longer and my steps were lighter. It was love after session one.

GYROTONIC® and the GYROKINESIS® Method were created by Juilo Horvath as a method of rehabilitating serious injuries from his dance career. Its roots in rehabilitation makes GYROTONIC® accessible to everyone from children to dancers to post surgery clients.

GYROTONIC® combines elements of many different modalities including yoga, dance, and tai chi to create a powerful three-dimensional exercise system that promotes strength, flexibility and stability by encouraging oppositional moment and spirals found within the body. The idea of spiraling is one of the core elements to GYROTONIC®; it allows for the limbs to open and create more space in our joints.

Blue Sparrow PIlates - Holly Gyrontonic

Narrowing of the pelvis is another key component to GYROTONIC®. Narrowing refers to engaging the small pelvic floor muscles to draw the bones of the pelvis together, thus lengthening and supporting the spinal column. This concept of narrowing is used throughout the GYROTONIC® exercises to provide strong central support from which limbs can then move freely and safely.

GYROTONIC® has an emphasis on rhythm, breath, and flowing movement. The positions and exercises seamlessly move into one another, creating dance-like string of movement. With this emphasis on rhythm, breath, and continual flowing movement, practitioners are easily able to be more mentally and physically present in the moment, increasing their proprioception and kinesthetic awareness as well as aiding in stress and tension relief. This is one of reasons I love and crave this work!

Some clients have a tendency to be very serious and focus on correct form while exercising, (which is important) but GYROTONIC® allows for playfulness and fun without losing the strength in the seed center (a GYROTONIC® concept that refers to the body’s center of gravity, roughly inside the bowl of the pelvis, but not necessarily so anatomically anchored) where all movement springs from. These qualities demonstrate dynamic stability at its finest. GYROTONIC® lengthens and strengthens the ligaments and tendons while providing cardio and weight training, allowing the body to feel strong yet supple at all times.

GYROTONIC® is for everyone! Discover your spiral!


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