How to Replace Reformer Rollers


Is your STOTT PILATES® reformer starting to show its age but you aren’t ready to trade it in for a new model? Well you can breathe some new life into your reformer simply by updating the rollers.


The reformer moves on rollers that wear out with use. When you start feeling like the carriage doesn’t glide smoothly or has mini-speed bumps it might be time to think about replacing the rollers. I bet you will be surprised how much this simple replacement affects the feel of your workout.

And for less than $100 it may even feel like you’re gliding on a brand-new machine.

This is pretty easy maintenance that anyone can do. All you need is a socket wrench with a ½” socket and a buddy. I took a few pictures of me changing my STOTT PILATES Professional®, SPX®, and V2Max® Reformer rollers in case you want to have a go at this yourself.

Assuming you don’t run into any unexpected challenges, you should plan for about 10-15 minutes per reformer (I had to run home to get a different socket wrench set).

Begin by unscrewing and taking off the star knobs to remove the pulley bars on the back of the reformer. Then have a friend help you slide the carriage off and gently place it upside down on the floor.


Removing the floating rollers is easy. You will need the ½” socket wrench to remove the fixed rollers.


Use a paper towel to clean the reformer rails of any additional black marks or dust.


Once your shiny new rollers are in place, have your buddy assist you in turning the carriage over (flip the carriage over in the direction that the free rollers will not fall out). Then carefully guide the carriage back into the rails. Be extremely careful and go slowly so you do not damage your new rollers.

Lastly, re-attach your pulley bars.

Then get on that baby and glide!

Holly Furgason Fit for Real & Blue Sparrow Pilates


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