New Prenatal Pilates App

Prenatal Pilates App Blue Sparrow Pilates

"Whether you’re a mommy-to-be, or eager to drop those postpartum pounds, Prenatal Pilates is made for you! Designed by STOTT PILATES Instructor Trainer and Blue Sparrow Pilates studio founder Holly Furgason, Prenatal Pilates addresses alignment and postural changes that occur during pregnancy. This program, while following ACOG Guidelines, will help you carry your pregnancy more comfortably, prepare the body for labor and delivery, and safely reconnect your core during postpartum recuperation.

Holly and her team of certified STOTT PILATES instructors designed these programs to specifically target each trimester of pregnancy, as well as postpartum; the app also adapts workouts based on your fitness level and time available. While some exercises require nothing more than your own body and a floor space, many exercises do require a flex band and an exercise ball, so these props are recommended.

With more than 10 years of Pilates experience under her belt, Holly’s steady, upbeat voice will guide you confidently through all the moves so that your breathing and alignment are kept in harmony. The Free app includes one sample workout for each trimester, while paid Expansion Packs give you unlimited custom workouts, creation of workout plans, and access to targeted exercises specific to each pregnancy phase.

Developed by the team at GAIN Fitness, makers of the top personal training apps, Prenatal Pilates is a surefire way to help you meet the physical challenges of pregnancy with poise and grace, paving the way for a happy, healthy delivery day and a speedy postpartum recovery."

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