The Benefits of Taking Advanced Courses


You’ve been practicing and mastering all the material in your foundational courses. You know how to perform the essential and intermediate exercises. Your personal strength, endurance, and stability have grown throughout your course work. The intermediate exercises are becoming easier and you have seen your body make subtle transformations. Teaching the beginning and intermediate work is becoming more natural, you’re learning what props and modifications to use, and your approach allows you to work with a variety of clients everyday.

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Don’t stop at your certification

Getting certified is just the beginning of your Pilates training. Experience teaching clients is obviously a big part of becoming a great Pilates teacher, but an equally important component is continuing to learn by doing. You can take your personal practice to the next level by taking the advanced courses. The advanced coursework will stretch you even further as a teacher and as a Pilates practitioner.

The advanced courses allow you to experience the full range and repertoire of the Pilates method, which will help you to understand the progression of the exercises and enrich your application of essential/beginning and intermediate material. The advanced courses contribute physically to greater range and strength and something to strive for as you continue your training...not to mention as you guide your clients to continue theirs.

The advanced coursework will also help you meet the needs of a wider range of clients such as athletes and people who have done a lot of Pilates.

It’s normal to be intimidated by the advanced exercises. Some of them are very difficult! But don’t underestimate how accessible they can be with targeted progression of Pilates training. Imagine the joy on a client's face when they're able to do an advanced exercise. You can share with your client the feeling of accomplishment.

The advanced exercises add more coordination, require muscle groups to work together fluidly, and the entire body to work as a whole. Advanced exercises are most similar to the original exercises Joseph Pilates created. They show clearly how the Pilates method helps in many aspects of health, from injury prevention and rehabilitation, to postural awareness and forming healthier habits, to increasing physical capability.

Get out there and learn the advanced repertoire so you continue to challenge your physical practice and inspire your clients in new ways.XO

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