The Stick


When muscles won’t stop complaining from soreness we tend to find ourselves searching for just the right massage tool to work out those aches and pains. One often reached for tool is the foam roller however, the foam roller can be too intense for some parts of the body and not targeted enough for others.

A good alternative to the foam roller for just such cases is the massage stick. Small and handheld, the stick is easy to use with varied pressure whereas with the foam roller, pressure is dependent on body weight. Because it does not need to be supported by the floor, the stick can massage most parts of your body in countless positions.

There are many versions of the stick, but the standard version has a stiff central rod with flexible outer sections that follow the slight curvature and contour of muscles. This makes it so that pressure can be targeted, yet distributed evenly across a muscle group which makes it ideal for relieving the long muscles of the legs.

The stick claims to be a “toothbrush for your muscles.” My imagination immediately thinks of scrubbing plaque off of my calves!

Daily light massage with the stick can help:

  • Increase circulation to areas of soreness
  • Remind muscles and fascia to release and stay supple
  • Speed-up recovery time

And because you can vary the pressure more, daily massage is less likely to contribute to some of the adverse muscle reactions that you can get from intense or hard massage.

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After spending some time with this plastic rod, I honestly feel like it helps rub away my aches and pains. I found it especially effective in my lower leg, shins and calves. The stick offers a gentle approach to release. Your muscles will thank you as well as your wallet!

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