Why We Love Neutral Pelvis


Understanding your neutral pelvis is extremely important in Pilates and in daily life!Neutral pelvis is the most stable position for the body, allowing for the best shock absorption. This position also allows for the most efficient movement patterns. In neutral pelvis, we also get the most work out of our Transversus Abdominis, the deepest layer of abdominals and a key stabilizer of the lower back.Even people who do Pilates consistently (like Pilates Instructors!), sometimes need to go back to the basics and confirm that they are working in neutral when they should be.Finding Your Neutral Pelvis

Neutral Pelvis
  1. Lay supine on a mat, facing the ceiling with the knees bent
  2. Find your hip bones (ASIS). Now put the heel of your hands on the hip bones and your finger tips on your symphysis pubis, creating a "V" shape with your hands
  3. These two bones should be in the same horizontal plane, so you could rest a teacup on your hands and it wouldn't spill

In Pilates we use neutral pelvis when the legs are on the floor or equipment. As we progress through the work and develop a more stable core, the goal is to begin to challenge ourselves even more by maintaining neutral pelvis while the legs are off the mat or equipment.As an instructor, remember to check in on your students to be sure they understand their pelvic position.


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