Why You Should become a CORE™ Instructor

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As a fitness professional, you’ve probably already heard of CORE Athletic Conditioning + Performance Training™, the new high-intensity interval training program from the developers of STOTT PILATES®. But you might be wondering, ‘Why would I become a CORE™ instructor?’Well, the most obvious reason is that CORE™ is a ton of fun! But it also makes psychological, business, and fitness sense. A fun routine will help anyone stick with an exercise program, which means keeping your current clients, and maybe even getting them into the studio more often. CORE™ can also attract new clients who might not otherwise consider a Pilates-based routine.Have you heard people say: “Pilates is for chicks, not for guys" or “Pilates is just a bunch of breathing” or similar reasons someone won’t give it a try? Everyone can benefit from the principles behind Pilates, and my CORE™ classes have attracted new client demographics. For example, an avid surfer took a CORE™ class to strengthen his abdominals in order to protect his lower back while paddling through waves and popping up onto the board. He loved it! When he came for his second class, he brought a friend from his Jiu-Jitsu class. On his third time, he brought his girlfriend who had been doing gym group classes and spinning. That’s three new clients from very different fitness routines who have joined my classes! And since the principles of STOTT PILATES® are applied to the CORE™ program, my students are learning good form, alignment, and movement patterning to help strengthen and protect them.Interval training is an important kind of athletic conditioning that many athletic-types need. It’s a wonderful way for athletes (and regular people) to train more of the global mobilizer muscles they want to strengthen, at the same time they train the local and global stabilizers. Pilates will ensure that their local and global stabilizers develop, CORE™ focuses more on connecting all three muscles types to perform the short but powerful contractions with grace and form.Both kinds of strength are extremely important for effective athletic training. For example, I’m a cyclist, and I found that I both my power and stamina had drastically improved by cross-training with just two, 45-minute, CORE™ classes per week.Lastly, who doesn’t want a safe, high-quality workout at an economical price? CORE™ doesn't require much equipment and can accommodate many clients at once, so it can compete with a gym classes which offers a lower price point per client.

Diversifying your offerings will benefit your fitness and your business!


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